Maggie the WienerPug

Maggie the WienerPug – The Adventure Begins

I would like to share my new dog adventure and explain how Maggie has improved the quality of my life. So…let’s begin at the beginning. Maggie came to me a few months ago. She was in need of a stable home and I was grieving. My daughter thought we might be good for each other. She was right! Kristin found Maggie on Craigslist of all places! Apparently, you can even dispose of living things online. Breed was specified as wiener/pug about 8 months old and the photo revealed a really photogenic pup. Aren’t they all? The circumstances sounded sketchy at best....

The Pepper Story – Early on

My wife Marilyn and I were just beginning to settle into our recently empty nest and make plans for our retirement. She was about to turn 62 and I had already begun collecting Social Security, such as it was, several years previous. 2015 had been a pretty decent year with no hospital time on the clock for either of us (yay!). All of our kids had found lives of their own, or so I thought. More on that later. We were left with the seemingly indestructible Siamese tomcat, Tuffy. Sorry, there is no gender-neutral term for a tomcat, not even...

Hello world!

White Noise Within Life can take you some strange places. There are highs and lows, exhilaration and disappointment. With the preceding in mind, one may ask many questions. Some questions require and answer to be completed. And some questions are complete unto themselves… Can one ever be sure? Can one be; without, having been? Must you have been without, to appreciate what you have? Do you see where life takes you? Or do you see where you can take life?