Movie reviews

The Road

Excellent movie! It is a little dark, so you may want to leave your kids at home for this one. As far as movie adaptations of books go… This one is very well done. On that note, Wanted, with what’s-his-name and Jolie… Was pretty far off the original graphic novel. While watching this movie I had to wonder if the director was even aware that he was making a movie adaptation.

Back to the topic, The Road was an excellent watch. This movie was able to take Cormac McCarthys masterpiece and translate it very nicely in to a screen play… The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic future. This setting seems somewhat ironic when paralleled to the elegance of both the book and the movie.

Timetravellers Wife

Wow, I had my doubts. But fellas, if you’re looking for a valentines day night-in then this is the movie for you. This movie is clever, inspiring and while it may be a tad sappy; it won’t leave you building dinosaurs from popcorn and licorice while she sobs through a box of tissues.

Book of Eli

This movie has Denzel. In this movie Mr.Washington plays a badass crusader in a post-apocalyptic, yet well populated environment. I will not tarnish this movies greatness with any attempt at a synopsis or review. Go and see Book of Eli.


This one was great as well. Surrogates will hit you with action, intrigue and an iRobot-esque storyline. Bruce Willis is our protagonist and he proceeds to kick butt and take names as only Bruce Willis (and Chuck Norris) can.


It was nice to see a video game themed movie that did not make me ashamed to be a geek. Thank you! Gamer can be a little vulgar at times and the camera work in the war scenes has been criticized. I found both to be refreshing and well suited to the gestault of the movie.

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