Maggie the WienerPug – The Adventure Begins

Maggie the WienerPug

I would like to share my new dog adventure and explain how Maggie has improved the quality of my life. So…let’s begin at the beginning.

Maggie came to me a few months ago. She was in need of a stable home and I was grieving. My daughter thought we might be good for each other. She was right!

Kristin found Maggie on Craigslist of all places! Apparently, you can even dispose of living things online. Breed was specified as wiener/pug about 8 months old and the photo revealed a really photogenic pup. Aren’t they all? The circumstances sounded sketchy at best. There was a “rehoming” fee of $50 mentioned; getting in contact was patchy due to lack of cell service; details of the dog’s background kept changing; some injuries were blamed on aggressive mama dog; and so on…

I made the trip to Okanagan the next day. Kristin has had experience with transporting rescue animals. She loaned me a dog crate from the shop to prevent the dog from interfering with me driving. I stuck it in the back of the truck and headed off on the doggie interview adventure.

We suspected the folks we were dealing with were a bit “out there” by the spotty communications and lame excuses for same already encountered. I had a gut feeling when I saw the patchy dull black primer over duct tape finish on the 90s vintage Grand Am that passed me as I was waiting in front of the Food Depot (gotta be them). A few minutes later a fat guy with hairy belly hanging out from a greasy tee shirt appeared shoving a large woman in a wheelchair. She had a shivering brown bundle in her lap.

My suspicions were confirmed when I heard hairy belly say to large woman “That must be him”.  Pleasantries were exchanged. I confirmed to them that I was, indeed, “him” and they confirmed the need for a fifty bucks rehoming fee. I had them put the puppy on the ground and she immediately went to the end of the cheapie plastic leash and tried to back out of the likewise cheapie plastic collar to escape from them under the truck. She was terrified and shaking like a leaf. Just before she slipped the collar I grabbed and put her up on my chest and received the biggest, slurpiest puppy kiss ever slurped. I melted, handed over 50 bucks, loaded the puppy into the kennel and put the kennel in  the backseat. It had started to rain. The ride home was silent, not a whimper, just a soundless lump under the towel in the kennel.

The cute brown ‘n white puppy didn’t have a whole lot of trouble relinquishing her stage name Roxie. In about 4 days, she was answering to Maggie. I couldn’t imagine a grown dog learning how to pole dance. At about the same time, I discovered that this little girl actually did have a beautiful bass clef of a tail. Up to this point the member had been so firmly tucked as to be invisible. She also developed the skillful art of thievery…socks mostly and the odd slipper or shoe. And aglets! Anything with laces was always recovered minus the little bits that keep the laces from fraying at the ends.

The adventure had begun!

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