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Hello world!

White Noise Within Life can take you some strange places. There are highs and lows, exhilaration and disappointment. With the preceding in mind, one may ask many questions. Some questions require and answer to be completed. And some questions are complete unto themselves… Can one ever be sure? Can one be; without, having been? Must you have been without, to appreciate what you have? Do you see where life takes you? Or do you see where you can take life?

Movie reviews

The Road Excellent movie! It is a little dark, so you may want to leave your kids at home for this one. As far as movie adaptations of books go… This one is very well done. On that note, Wanted, with what’s-his-name and Jolie… Was pretty far off the original graphic novel. While watching this movie I had to wonder if the director was even aware that he was making a movie adaptation. Back to the topic, The Road was an excellent watch. This movie was able to take Cormac McCarthys masterpiece and translate it very nicely in to a...